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Communicating Vessels No. 30

Communicating Vessels No. 30

Venus Sings in Love's Light

"In shadows of light, the journey begins: Making it through Elusive Desert Mountains, Stirring Up the Apocalypse with Laughter and Love." It's a new issue of Anthony Walent's Communicating Vessels, one of the finest and longest-lived underground literary magazines you're ever likely to come across.

This issue features "A Strange Desert Pilgrimage," Anthony's backpacking trip deep into a desert landscape "known for ghastly heat, venomous rattlesnakes, stinging scorpions, gargantuan tarantulas and circling buzzards." Along the way, he recounts fragments of the lost folklore of Arizona.

There's also an editorial on Anthony's journey to Tucson from Portland, press in tow, stopping off at Joshua Tree, waking up to swarms of rabbits, and finally reaching Phoenix, Arizona, "a monolithic Tower of Babel that greatly dishonors the mythological Phoenix."

Anthony also includes excerpts from his new book A Desert Pilgrim's Bestiary, a marvelous compendium of creatures of the desert southwest, designed and printed at Eberhardt Press.

Issue #30 was printed by the editor on his Multi 1250 offset press in Tucson, Arizona, probably the last issue to be printed on that machine. The Multi is, shall we say, a "challenging" machine to run. But you'd never know it by looking at the magazine — even though all of the layouts were composed by paste-up, not a hairline or random spec is to be found anywhere.

Anthony set every word of text on a Varityper, which is sort of like a typewriter with superpowers, that few people in the 21st century have any idea how to operate. All of the production work takes place without the use of computers or digital technology of any kind.

Anthony sent some of his last copies of issue #30 to distribute, so get one while you can!