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Tarot Journals (Pocket)

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Tarot Journals (Pocket)

We’re selling off these popular Tarot Journals at a big discount to prepare for a new edition to be released soon! Featuring Mannie Murphy’s “Bones Suit” artwork from the legendary Collective Tarot, each journal has a brief overview of Tarot in the front, with a few basic spreads to get you started. This is followed by 60 sheets of blank cream paper to record the insights and discoveries that emerge from your readings. Sized to fit neatly in your pocket or bag, with super-thick 120# black covers, and bound with durable double-loop wire, so it can take a lot of wear and tear on your adventures.

See cover art:
Ace of Bones
Two of Bones
Three of Bones
Four of Bones
Five of Bones
Six of Bones
Seven of Bones
Eight of Bones
Nine of Bones
Apprentice of Bones
Artist of Bones
Mentor of Bones