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Kluge Automatic Letterpress 10x15 Parts

Kluge Automatic Letterpress 10x15 Parts

Eberhardt Press has a number of spare parts available for the Kluge Automatic Letterpress (10x15), and we’d rather sell them to people directly than go through eBay. All are cleaned and in good condition.

You can cross-reference these part numbers with the Kluge parts catalog. If you’d like to get a PDF of the parts catalog for $1.00, select below.

To inquire, send an email to

Currently available parts:

KG461 Elevator advancing plate shaft pull handle assembly
T247 Fountain Collar
T32 Roller arm stud (S.F.E.)
T65, T65A Gripper bar roller stud + stud nut
T2003-L Delivery pick-up clamp base, left
T227 Full set of ink keys
T266 Fountain rachet pawl
T270 Rachet stop pawl
T287 Fountain Guard
T3025 Pawl trip lever
T3510 Side register gauge bracket
1 dozen new suction cups