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Communicating Vessels No. 29

Communicating Vessels No. 29

Summer/Fall 2018

That's right — its the new issue of Communicating Vessels, a collaboration between CV and Eberhardt Press. Usually, Anthony does his own printing for his long-lived publication, just as he sets every word of text on a Varityper, which is sort of like a typewriter with superpowers. It's an unique form of typography that no graphic designer can imitate with digital technology.

However, the supply chain for offset printing is becoming less and less reliable, and he's having trouble obtaining the materials he needs for his AB Dick 360. (In press years, it's about two millennia old.) Plus, the incessant sandstorms, blowing in from the baking desert badlands where he dwells, have taken a terrible toll on his equipment. So, Eberhardt Press printed this issue, inspired by Anthony's usual production standards. We printed this excellent zine for Anthony years ago, at the dawn of Eberhardt Press; the last one was #18. It's an honor to print it again.

Anthony's writing is better than ever; see pix for some samples. His subjects and topics are more compelling than ever. His journalism is piercing and incisive, like excellent reporting should be — exposing corruption in the spirit of the great journalists of past days.

This underground journal is without a doubt the best and least-appreciated literary magazine you'll come across. Not only is the writing good, not only is the matter compelling, but it's written with heart and soul — something usually absent from the cold-hearted spewings of cyberspace.